Phòng xông Body Love S

Body Love S

A sauna with extremely versatile design features, with wide glass panels reaching right up to the ceiling that create a light and airy feel that is perfect for any environment.

Certified sauna made of prized Canadian hemlock wood and 10mm toughened glass panels

The glass front wall, door and ceiling give Sky an extremely light, airy look

ESS – Effegibi Sound System, delivers music from your own device (optional)

Extremely versatile, ideal for made-to-measure solutions

Sauna wood finish available in Canadian Hemlock and heat-treated hardwood, available also with surfaces in mirror on demand

The BodyLove sauna heater is covered in glazed ceramic in unique colour combinations, a luxury material that enhances the soft beauty of the wood. The source of heat, the element of prime importance in the Finnish sauna tradition, has made a comeback with a new aesthetic that once again casts it in a starring role.

BodyLove includes exterior panelling highlighting the home dimension of the system, designed to be part of the furniture.

ESS is available on iOS.

BodyLove offers countless customization options as far as choice and combination of materials to realize a real custom made spa solution

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  • Brand: EFFEGIBI
  • Origin: Italy