Year Established: 2008

Founders: Marcelo Inácio and Susana Oliveira

Headquarters: Monção, Portugal.

In Vietnam, GlammFire is exclusively distributed by EuroStyle.


In 2008, the northern region of Portugal witnessed the inception of the art of fire known as GlammFire. Guided by an unwavering philosophy of ceaseless creativity and innovation, GlammFire has ascended to be the “King of Fireplaces,” crafting exclusive, exquisite, and sophisticated hearthworks.


Fueled by passionate flames, GlammFire has triumphed over the most discerning clientele in over 50 countries worldwide. Each GlammFire fireplace masterpiece reflects the skillful craftsmanship of premier artisans, embodying a cultural ethos that seamlessly merges antiquity with modernity in every contour. Harnessing advanced technology, GlammFire shapes vibrant dancing flames and captures the subtle crackling sounds as fire caresses wood, thus recreating a warm, intimate, and secure ambiance for users.




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