Year Established: 1970

Headquarters: Brianza, Italy.

In Vietnam, Lema is exclusively distributed by EuroStyle.


The story of Lema is a story of Italian manufacturing and an expert combination of innovation and tradition based on the central tenets of quality and customisation. Lema’s success lies with its unrivaled and quintessentially Italian manufacturing expertise, which have allowed the company to harness the technological power and efficiency of a large industrial operation while maintaining a deep, artisanal calling. Great attention is paid to each and every phase of manufacture, from design – carried out in close collaboration with the designers themselves – right through to the final product. Indeed, it is this focus on quality which encapsulates the essence of Italian design and Lema’s extraordinarily effective interpretation of this.


Among the keys to Lema’s success there is undoubtedly the passion and dedication that the Meroni family carries on from generation to generation. Initially with Carla and Luigi, today with their children and grandchildren. Before being an industrial organization, Lema was a family business guided by a coherent entrepreneurial vision whose founding values of respect and professional ethics constitute the working method. 


In the early ’70s, Lema was the first Italian company to design and produce integrated furniture systems, managing the entire production cycle internally, from the search for raw materials, to processing, right up to the finished product. Today, the Italian company boasts in the heart of Brianza a covered industrial production plant of 55,000 square metres.


Since introduced the first time in the 1980s, Lema today claims another first: the innovative and patented LEMA Air Cleaning System – The Breathing Wardrobe, which will revolutionize once again the concept of the wardrobe, making it play for the first time an active role in sanitizing clothing, footwear and any other object contained inside.

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