Vòi chậu FAUBOURG BLACK PORCELAIN G2L-151 nhập khẩu chính hãng

Faubourg Black Porcelain G2l-151

This series, conceived by designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, is the perfect illustration of classicism, with a twist of the paradoxical in its at once sharp and slender metal lines.

The simplistic and refined Faubourg collection by designer, Pierre-Yves Rochon, bares exquisite detail in this luxurious line of bathroom fixtures and accessories. Rochon, who spent his youth traveling the world, has strong insight into cultural trends and artistic movements. His inspirations can be seen in the clean lines of Faubourg, whose handles are cleverly imprinted with “CHAUD” and “FROID”.

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  • Brand: THG
  • Origin: France