Year Established: 1999

Founder: Peter Leleu

Headquarters: Belgium

In Vietnam, Umbrosa is exclusively distributed by EuroStyle.


Umbrosa (Belgium) is a renowned brand in the field of designing and manufacturing outdoor shade solutions. Drawing boundless inspiration from nature in its designs, Umbrosa creatively crafts diverse and unique shade structures that are entirely distinct from traditional umbrellas.


Umbrosa’s modern umbrella products are entirely manufactured in Belgium, with canopy sections utilizing UV-resistant materials and high-quality fabrics, while the umbrella poles are crafted from exceptionally robust aluminum to ensure enduring durability. Furthermore, the assembly details of Umbrosa umbrellas are streamlined for customer “ease of use” and the ultimate shade experience.


The audacity and refinement evident in each design have propelled Umbrosa to over 95 countries, making it a premier choice for outdoor spaces in upscale residential complexes and distinguished establishments like hotels and luxurious resorts such as the Four Seasons Ritz (Lisbon), The Peninsula (Paris), Jumeirah (Maldives)…








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