• Year Established: 1948
  • Founder: Alberto Minotti
  • Headquarters: Milan, Italy
  • In Vietnam, Minotti is exclusively distributed by EuroStyle.

Minotti is an Italian company with a solid reputation at an international level as an excellent exponent in the field of contemporary interior design and an ambassador of a classic-modern lifestyle.

Emerging from a humble artisanal workshop inaugurated by Alberto Minotti in 1948 in Meda, Minotti has solidified its reputation via intricate “Made in Italy” interior masterpieces, radiating enduring elegance. Minotti’s interior compositions deftly intertwine artistic values and age-old traditions, weaving intricate design nuances with the deft artistry of accomplished craftsmen.

Minotti is fervently dedicated to furnishing its clientele with the epitome of interior perfection. Annually, the marque introduces novel fabric and leather collections, curtailed in number and endowed with exclusive registration lasting five years. Opting for Minotti furnishings entails more than acquiring unparalleled quality items – it encapsulates authoring one’s interior narrative, embellished with fervent and emotive experiences.

Selected to adorn grand ventures such as JW Marriot, esteemed 5-6* retreats within Beverly Hills, Maldives, Miami, etc. in conjunction with myriad lavish estates and penthouses inhabited by the ultra-wealthy, Minotti’s interiors genuinely constitute artworks within living spaces.

In 2022, Minotti gains prestigious recognition, being included in the Special Register of Historic Trademarks of National Interest, established by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE). Minotti’s international vision has resulted in a widespread presence in 80 countries, through a network of 53 flagship stores and over 300 qualified dealers around the world.

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