Year Established: 2010

Headquarters: València, Spain.

In Vietnam, Vondom is exclusively distributed by EuroStyle.


Not an established outdoor furniture brand by history, Vondom still enjoys worldwide renown. Founded in 2010 in València, Spain, fueled by passion and creativity, Vondom captivates customers with its modern, impressive, and innovative outdoor works.


With Vondom, outdoor furniture transcends being just an object; it embodies a lifestyle. Vondom’s outdoor designs prioritize the convergence of aesthetics, art, and utility to offer customers unparalleled relaxation experiences through all senses. Vondom’s outdoor furniture infuses spaces with captivating beauty yet retains an intimate and cozy essence. Intimacy arises from the meticulous selection and utilization of high-quality materials processed through advanced, environmentally-friendly technology, showcasing durability over time, resilience against weather fluctuations, and optimal UV resistance.


Currently, Vondom has extended novel, elegant, and distinctive living spaces to over 120 countries globally.



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