Year Established: 1928

Founders: Brothers Alois and Josef Leicht (as a carpenter‘s workshop)

Headquarters: Waldstetten, Germany.


Since its establishment in Germany in 1928, the Leicht kitchen brand has consistently employed a design language that is subtle, elegant, and utilizes high-quality materials. Leicht’s products are all manufactured entirely in Germany using advanced technology, ensuring the strictest processes and embodying the “German perfectionism” in every detail.


Leicht firmly believes that the kitchen is the heart of the home, where family members come together and precious moments with loved ones are made. Therefore, across the world, the brand is recognized as a creator of cozy, luxurious, and functional kitchen spaces that cater to every need and style of customers through effective customization and innovation.


In 2014, a significant milestone was achieved as the brand officially inaugurated the “Leicht I World” headquarters in Waldstetten. “Leicht I World” is where Leicht showcases its latest kitchen collections, cutting-edge technological solutions applied in kitchen cabinet production, and also honors impressive design concepts that shape the kitchens of the future.


In Vietnam, Leicht kitchens are exclusively distributed by EuroStyle.




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