Tủ bếp Bossa E | Kera | Madero thương hiệu Leicht

Bossa E | Kera | Madero

The cladding of the handle-less kitchen run and units with the BOSSA programme in walnut makes storage solutions disappear uniformly behind the genuine wood front, resulting in the homogeneous styling of large areas. This kitchen plan features both the free-standing island block in front of the kitchen unit and the worktops in high-quality ceramic.

In partnership with the vertical lines of BOSSA the carcase – in a newly launched height of 86 cm – emphasises the cubic look. The interior of the individual elements also sensitively blends into the dark colour concept with a new carcase colour in carbon grey. Details such as colour-coordinated taps round off the overall picture.

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  • Brand: Leicht
  • Origin: Germany