Wanderlust Kids Club - Gran Meliá Nha Trang

Wanderlust Kids Club – Gran Meliá Nha Trang

Information Details

Located on the 2nd floor, Wanderlust Kids Club is a 328 m2 children’s play area designed by EuroStyle Studio. The architects aimed to fulfill the need for childhood creativity in a vibrant and enjoyable environment through the creation of multi-functional spaces suitable for various age groups.

The space features vivid colors in a harmonious and rhythmic arrangement. Elements inspired by nature, including green trees, are combined with well-placed bookshelves and cinema rooms, providing a delightful experience for children.

EuroStyle Studio prioritizes meticulous attention to detail, always ensuring the highest level of safety for children.

Project information

  • Location: Gran Meliá Nha Trang – Vega City 
  • Area: 328 m2
  • Design style: Modern Color Block
  • Work items: entire amusement park
  • Completion year: 2023