Medium Vase Sweet Garden

The gardens of the world are reinterpreted in crystal. Daum plays with its artistic influences by paying homage to the most beautiful flowers. This season, the Maison Daum offers a decorative flower and a vase in the form of a bouquet – “Sweet Garden”, an armful of different varieties of flowers, picked on a rural walk.

The vase is a perfect balance of wildflowers and garden herbs entwined with thin branches and delicate leaves. Lisianthuses, limoniums, wheat, sunflowers, daisies, sweet peas, and poppies turn towards the sun by wrapping around branches of eucalyptus and olive leaves. The craftsmen of the Daum manufacturer play with colour and thus bring subtlety and dynamism to each of the details of these crystal flowers. With this richness of colour, they highlight the evolution of light on flowers over a day. The craftsmen of the manufacturer have poetically sculpted these delicate flowers crystallized in intense colours, deep green, and light shades of lilac and purple. Nature comes to life thanks to the tiny details carved in the crystal. A play of shapes and colours are born thanks to this bold mix. The flowers are designed in roundness thus revealing to our eyes, every variety of petals that give birth to Medium Vase Sweet Garden crystal vase.

Like a caress, light arises on the crystal like the sun on a bouquet. The pieces of this collection evoke a certain romanticism and add a touch of wild freshness to our interiors.

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  • Brand: Daum
  • Origin: France