Cửa Koan Plus

Koan Plus


The configurable system of fixed and sliding panels.

Evolution of the Koan model, the configurable system consisting of fixed and sliding panels KOAN PLUS combines the warmth of wood with the brightness of glass and aluminum. The result is pure geometry on the one hand, and perfect cohesion between technology and oriental-inspired tradition on the other.

Designed by Kokaistudios for Lualdi, Koan Plus is also a synergy between sartorial processing of materials and product engineering, and is an ideal solution for large-scale contract projects. Reinterpreting the concept of Chinese mobile partitions in a contemporary way, it represents the first of a long series of evolutions inspired by the traditional decorations of the culture of the Asian country.

Particularly noteworthy is the Koan Plus production process, which sees every single product engineered and put into production on a project basis. It is therefore not a “series” product, but rather the epitome of customization.

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  • Brand: Lualdi
  • Origin: Italy