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Linear drain

Unidrain’s linear floor drain can be positioned either by the wall or as a free-standing solution. Whichever solution you choose, the floor drain is fitted with Unidrain’s patented flanges, to make it 100% waterproof.

  • ClassicLine
The linear floor drains are the invention that formed the basis for Unidrain. The drain is a revolutionary invention in itself, with its patented wall and floor flanges which allow it to be positioned against the wall while keeping it 100% waterproof. ClassicLine is the original design series from Unidrain and consists of a frame and a grating. The frame is mandatory, as it holds the grating in place. Six different designs in brushed stainless steel make it a solution for every taste.
  • HighLine

HighLine is Unidrains exclusive and prize-winning design series. Here the grating is replaced with a panel. The series includes panels in both steel and frosted glass, along with the discreet Custom solution. Here a trimmed floor tile is stuck on flush with the surrounding floor, to create an almost ‘invisible’ drain. HighLine is the series for people who want a little extra luxury

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