Hệ tủ bếp Bluna 4.0

Bluna 4.0

An entire ambient that connects spaces in the home, removing the distinction between kitchen and living space. By using the pillat columns, vertical functional and storage units, each space is open yet enclosed, similar to wide open theatrical space. Two innovative materials characterize the composition: on the one hand, the 4.0 metal lacquer that covers the columns and enhances the modernity of the whole, on the other the Old black fir wood, which constitutes the central island conceived as a monolithic block. It is specially recovered from the external coats of farms and tabiàs, homes and barns very common in Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It is reborn to new life through cleaning and stucco operations and through careful craftsmanship, it is unique in that its appearance and the nuances it presents have been determined exclusively by the joint action of the sun and atmospheric agents such as snow, rain and wind. Antoher important element is the innovative Spiga worktop made in Gres material. The inclination of 30° doors and the top create a nice gap, the space in the shade enhances the concept of a new functional aesthetics where shadow cones give access to spaces equipped and operational.

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  • Brand: Binova
  • Origin: Italy