Hệ tủ bếp Avola


Allowing freedom is the sign of a great strength. We let materials get over their own attitude. It implies the ability to become a real tool of nature to enhance the range of possibilities of elements like the native mildness of wood or the suggestions coming from outer space. A whole universe comes at hand, tangible and in a multipurpose capacity, allowing us to experience the deepness of space and substance. This is an expression of real liberty: the minimalist design is free to run with its vivid essence along contours and grain, sharp lines that become a common sign, living in the light and shade, balancing the global aesthetics and the slightest particulars. A model that is expansion: thanks to the aluminum frame, which comfortably allow space for the central panel and at the same time allows opening grip on the top edge.

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  • Brand: Binova
  • Origin: Italy