Baccarat Crystal, a prestigious French manufacturer of luxury crystal glassware, is headquartered in Baccarat, France. The essence of Baccarat’s philosophy lies in its mastery of light and the creation of captivating objects for everyday life. Each product embodies the elegance, enchantment, and ethereal qualities that define Baccarat. With techniques passed down from Baccarat artisans since 1764, light is transformed into its purest essence. Baccarat crystals possess an irresistible allure, infusing any space with a romantic and dreamlike ambiance. They have the power to transform your home into a realm where you can express your emotions, personality, and creativity.

Baccarat artisans dedicate 15 years to mastering their craft and exploring the boundless possibilities of crystal sculpting. Baccarat takes pride in having the highest number of award-winning Best Craftsmen in France, surpassing all other French luxury houses.

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