Minotti is an Italian brand that has developed its name on the international market as a monument of the “Made in Italy” spirit in terms of contemporary interior design. Products from this Brand are always the first choice for the construction of the most luxurious and classy living space for the upper class.

70-Years History Of Formation And Development Of Italy’s Leading Furniture Empire

Minotti was founded in 1948 by the founder named Alberto Minotti – who prepared the foundation for the Italian Interior Design Style recognized by the world. From a small craft workshop, Minotti has reached to the international scale and become a leading furniture brand under the leadership of the second generation – Renato and Roberto Minotti.

Over the decades, Renato and Roberto Minotti have established golden rules that are reflected in the Minotti collections. While competitors are still copying old designs, Minotti focuses on the sustainable development strategy and constantly attracts talents who are masters in the field of interior design.

Creative Director of the Minotti Brand – Rodolfo DordoniIn 1998, two talented leaders, Renato and Roberto Minotti, admitted, entrusted and empowered the strategic position – Creative Director and the right to coordinate the entire design line to the legendary – Rodolfo Dordoni. Based on the opinions of Minotti brothers, Dordoni embodies the harmonious combination of a great architect and designer. Dordoni’s design style contains the typical characteristic of the Milanese people and a sophisticated artistic sensibility. It can be said that Rodolfo Dordoni’s talent and long-term vision play an essential role in the journey to make Minotti become the international furniture brand today.The family legacy continues to turn a new page when the third generation – Alessio, Alessandro and Susanna Minotti take over the Company. This generation has helped Italy’s Leading Furniture Empire expand its influence in the international market through a network of 48 flagship stores, more than 400 authorized dealers in 64 countries and territories.

“Made in Italy” Imprint – The Key to Success of the Leading Furniture Brand

Expanding to the international market is the core development orientation of Minotti’s activities. The presence of the sophisticated lifestyle “Made in Italy” is proudly promoted by Minotti to countries and regions around the world.

A Flagship Store of Minotti in Milan (Italy)

At the heart of the Minotti identity is the full expression of the “Made in Italy” concept, combining both traditional elements and modern technological innovation. This combination is constantly improved thanks to the intensive research in terms of materials by artisans and century-old technological solutions. As a result, the value of the details in each of Minotti’s products is raised from the level of sophistication to perfection.

Over the past few years, Minotti has built the “Minotti DNA” standard that characterizes every collection of the brand. Following the main principle of “Innovation on the spirit of non-stop creativity”, the “Minotti DNA” standard is also formed on the basis of the principles of aesthetic design, timeless elegance, and savoir-faire technique that are meticulous in every detail of the pattern and focuses on maintaining traditional values.

Minotti Studio – The Heart And Brain Of The Brand

Minotti Studio plays a very important role in the process of building a set of brand standards. It is the space that forms all stages of the creative supply chain, from architectural design to interior design, from graphic design to rendering, and from brand marketing to product communication.

Team of talented designers of Minotti Studio

Minotti Studio shapes ideas and projects for designers, and also inspires the creative energy for them based on different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, Minotti’s collections not only reflect the brand’s identity but also the changes in the lifestyle of each country at specific periods.

Minotti Brand Receives the Noble Title: Italian Furniture – National Treasure

The year 2018 marked a breakthrough in the design direction of Minotti with the participation of famous design and architecture experts, including Christophe Delcourt, Nendo and Marcio Kogan / studio mk27.

Entering 2022, Minotti – the luxury furniture brand was honored to receive the title of “Italian Furniture – National Treasure” awarded by Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development. This is an important milestone affirming the level of the leading furniture brand and honoring the continuous efforts of Minotti over the past 7 decades.

Experience One Of The World’s First Minotti Concept Stores Right In Vietnam

Thanks to the strategic cooperation between Minotti and EuroStyle – the leading luxury furniture brand in Vietnam, Minotti Concept Store has been launched in Hanoi to bring the “spirit” of Italy closer to the fans of high-class interiors in Vietnam. The Showroom displays “signature” collections from the Brand and a diverse and rich material library.

Minotti Concept Store in Vietnam

The area of Minotti Concept Store is more than 1,000 square meters and is decorated by EuroStyle according to international 5-star standards with an elegant and modern style, reflecting the active mixture of different shapes, colors and fine materials.

Coming to the Minotti Concept Store, customers can visit, admire, and choose materials and colors in the way they like for their interior space. When opening the Minotti Concept Store in Hanoi, Minotti has strengthened its presence in Asia and become a sought-after destination for aristocrats who are attracted by the quality and style of “Made in Italy”.

EuroStyle – The Leading Brand In High-end Furniture Segment In Vietnam Market

EuroStyle is proud to be a prestigious and reliable choice for luxury projects such as Gran Meliá Nha Trang Hotel, luxury villas and private houses such as Vinhomes Riverside Penthouse, T-place, Golden Westlake and so on.

Acting as the representative distributor for nearly 40 strategic partners in terms of high-end furniture from Europe, EuroStyle is always a pioneer in the aesthetic taste for large projects in the luxury furniture segment. In Vietnam, EuroStyle is currently the leading company in creating luxurious and European-standard living spaces for the elite with the most rigorous criteria.


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