Tủ bếp Vogue nhập khẩu


Binova propose a new exploration of the relationship between kitchen and living area, the continuous interlacing of functions, rituals and daily needs. Spaces are no longer limited by structural elements becoming open areas where an operating hierarchy doesn’t exist anymore. A project that defines the spirit of an open home that is no longer afraid of an informal outlook, where the perception of space is changing, no longer an extravagance. The main element around which the entire room revolves is the L-shaped column wall made up of modules of different depths joined together to form a single line that connects the kitchen from the living room and uses the same elements, a “continuum” of contamination between forms and functions. Another strong feature of the columns are the openings that lighten the impact of the wooden wall and at the same time allow the opening of the fronts and the wonderful light cones. The island with Vogue doors is characterized by vertical cuts that allow opening and by 4.0 metal lacquered finish, another innovative element is the cantilevered snack top which guarantees a comfortable convivial area. The living wall traces the same finishes as the kitchen and is characterized by an intersection of volumes that allow full and empty spaces with recessed folding open units, while the sideboard is with Vogue doors and top in thick gres.

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  • Brand: Binova
  • Origin: Italy