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Roger Sofa

The Roger seating system is the result of an open design, exceptionally versatile, it is designed to meet the full range of requirements in terms of layout and use.

Roger is designed by Rodolfo Dordoni whose imprint is visible in its soft volumes, sophisticated upholstery and sartorial craftsmanship.

The elements can be freely customised with high and low backrests, different types of armrests and the option of adding elements functioning as tops and containers. A system, or rather a super system, capable of creating countless interpretations and configurations, for both residential and hospitality spaces.

The couture-like skills used in the crafting process are expressed in the graphic quilting effect, sporting long horizontal lines that run along the backrests, the seating elements and the matching benches, endowing the surfaces with a super soft, luxurious feel.

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  • Brand: Minotti
  • Designer: Rodolfo Dordoni
  • Origin: Italy