Gilded White Large Vase Mer De Corail

Imagination and creation of the Daum crystal manufacturer take us to the depths of the coral reefs to explore the incredible richness of the underwater life, inhabited by thousands of animal and plant species, adorned with fascinating colours and extravagant shapes. The creation and know-how of Daum are dedicated to this sublime secret nature, revealing the Mer de Corail collection – Gilded White Large Vase Mer De Corail crystal vase, enriched this season with extraordinary fish and a precious vase in white crystal accentuated with gold.

The Mer de Corail collection is an inspiration of a journey without borders. The Maison Daum continues to explore this bewildering territory, and introduces an exquisite white coral structured vase, hand gilded in gold using an ancestral technique. Like golden rays reflecting off the surface of the sea, the fine gilding emphasizes the preciousness and fragility of the coral, and the translucent white crystal creates soft nuances.

In a limited edition of 99, this unique vase is a marriage of two ancestral know-hows: the lost-wax technique that the Daum manufacturer has mastered for generations, and the hand-gilding technique. This beautiful contrast of white and gold will blend elegantly in your interiors.

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  • Brand: Daum
  • Origin: France