BLUE_GREY CHESS KNIGHT nhập khẩu chính hãng

Blue-Grey Chess Knight

The exceptional savoir-faire of the Maison Daum passed down through generations, is expressed once again with the prestigious Cavalcade collection presented in shades of blue and grey.

The energy of a magnificent scene of finely sculpted horses emanates from this extraordinary piece. This magnificent Cavalcade Blue-Grey Chess Knight by Daum, Limited Edition of 250, stands for bravery, honor, and selfless service. It is made of the finest crystal, decorated with exquisite cuts and designs, and painted a glittering, alluring shade of blue-grey that exalts elegance and charm. The nuanced hue obtained by mixing different shades of blue and grey confers this piece incredible beauty, like a stormy sky. It is the ideal chess piece accessory for a chess game and makes a fantastic gift for chess fans and players.

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  • Brand: Daum
  • Origin: France