EuroStyle Cập Nhật Những Xu Hướng Nội Thất Mới Nhất Tại Salone Del Mobile.Milano 2024

Salone del Mobile.Milano, the world’s largest furniture trading fair, will hold its 62nd edition from April 16th to April 21st, 2024. Proud to be the pioneer and market leader in the field of luxury interiors and branded residences in Vietnam, as well as the distributor of over 40 top-tier European luxury interior brands, EuroStyle will present at Salone del Mobile 2024, exchange strategies and update the most impressive furniture products and trends to the interior design enthusiasts in Vietnam.

EuroStyle Cập Nhật Những Xu Hướng Nội Thất Mới Nhất Tại Salone Del Mobile.Milano 2024

EuroStyle meet Minotti’s representative and designer at Salone del Mobile

The 2024 edition is carried out with over 172,500 sqm of net exhibition space and almost 1,900 exhibitors. Starting from a strictly trade fair event, Salone del Mobile has now been proved to be increasingly more global, inclusive and in dialogue with the entire creative and productive furnishing system. Also during this time, the interior industry will witness the showcase of new masterpieces and unique collections from leading brands around the world. Let’s take a look at the unique brands and collections that you can find genuinely at EuroStyle showrooms.

LEMA – The class and uniqueness in interior art

When it comes to the perfect combination of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, there is no better choice than LEMA, a luxury interior brand that defines its position by flexibility in design modules, modern aesthetics and uniqueness in each product.

Bộ sưu tập The New Poetry được trưng bày tại triển lãm

LEMA’s The New Poetry Collection

The latest collection, The New Poetry, at Salone del Mobile.Milano is evidence of LEMA’s relentless creativity. With a delicate blend of luxurious and poetic, the collection offers premium products with elegant designs in every detail. Crafted by top artisans and subjected to strict quality control in production, The New Poetry promises to create a modern living space brimming with inspiration.

Đại diện EuroStyle gặp gỡ và trao đổi cùng đại diện hãng LEMA

EuroStyle representatives and LEMA representatives

Discover the new collection from Minotti – The Historic Trademark of Italian National Interest

Bộ sưu tập 2024 của Minotti

Minotti’s 2024 Collection

Returning to Salone del Mobile 2024 with excitement, Minotti continues to affirm its position as the leader in the Italian furniture industry, expressing a global lifestyle with a rich and unique 2024 collection – representing the intersection of art and design, which truly captivates the hearts of enthusiasts. 

EuroStyle’s brand representatives will have a direct meeting session with Minotti representatives at the exhibition to bring contemporary Italian furniture masterpieces to EuroStyle’s showrooms.

EuroStyle Cập Nhật Những Xu Hướng Nội Thất Mới Nhất Tại Salone Del Mobile.Milano 2024

Direct meeting session with Minotti representatives at Salone del Mobile

Explore the impressive world of NOMAD with Visionnaire

Thế giới NOMAD đầy mê hoặc

NOMAD Collection

Established in 1959 in Italy, through more than 6 decades of development, Visionnaire has become one of the world’s leading furniture brands thanks to the innovative and unique philosophy that the company has been pursuing. The presence of NOMAD at Salone del Mobile marks 20 years of Visionnaire’s groundbreaking and innovative efforts to deliver a luxurious lifestyle. The NOMAD collection embarks on an enchanting journey that not only exudes high-class beauty with an adventurous spirit, but also a magical harmony between premium materials and natural elements that create aesthetic interior works of art. The combination of wood, leather and metal not only creates a luxurious space but also tells a story of strength and freedom, breathing a new breeze into the living space.

Đại diện EuroStyle tham quan không gian của Visionnaire

EuroStyle representatives visited Visionnaire’s space

FLOS illuminates Palazzo Visconti, Milan

Đèn FLOS trưng bày tại cung điện Palazzo Visconti

FLOS at Palazzo Visconti

Besides the exhibition at the Salone del Mobile, FLOS products from three designers, Michael Anastassiades, Barber Osgerby and Formafantasma, are also displayed at the historic Palazzo Visconti. By utilizing meticulously crafted mirrors, FLOS has successfully multiplied its unique lamp artworks and created magical lighting in an iconic 18th-century palace. This installation exhibition by FLOS promises to immerse visitors in a creative and full of art space that you can hardly find anywhere else.

Noken and the eco-conscious philosophy originating from the bathroom

Đại diện EuroStyle bên cạnh sản phẩm vòi Lounge Fluid mới ra mắt

Noken representative introduced The Lounge Fluid model

The 62nd edition of Salone del Mobile emphasizes sustainability as a guiding principle and fundamental value in creative and design processes. Acknowledging that spirit, Noken – a furniture and bathroom equipment brand belonging to PORCELANOSA Group (Spain) – introduces to the world the WaterForest concept and technologies that the company is pursuing. Solutions that carry the WaterForest label can help save water by up to 89% as well as CO2 emissions and environmental impact.

Coming to Noken space, visitors also have the opportunity to explore the Lounge Fluid model, which is “Shaped by Water”, and The SWAN taps, which have recently been recognised at the IF Design Awards 2024.

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