EuroStyle Tự Hào Là Đơn Vị Hoàn Thiện Nội Thất Biệt Thự The Coral Artistry – Gran Melia Nha Trang

The Coral Special Edition collection has 3 special editions “Golden Mansion – Unique Version” in the world and becomes the most expensive mansion line of the “Billionaire Island Mansion” Complex. EuroStyle is proud to be the Interior Finishing Company of The Coral Artistry Gran Melia Nha Trang, the first masterpiece of the artistic residence introduced to the market.

The Coral Artistry – Limited Edition of the Billionaire Island Complex

The Coral Artistry is an artistic harmony between nature, architecture and culture. With the desire to bring art to life, The Coral Artistry is inspired by superficial architecture and delicate tones from majestic nature.

The Coral Artistry is a symphony of the art of nature and architecture

The limited edition of the most luxurious island mansion on the planet – The Coral Artistry (Gran Melia Nha Trang) has 2 swimming pools with an area of 60m2 and 100m2, respectively, and an outdoor Jacuzzi infinity pool right at the balcony with a huge area of 70m2. The Coral Artistry Gran Melia Nha Trang is likened to “owning the East Sea”, having a limited edition of the most luxurious island mansion on the planet.

The balcony has a huge area of 70m2 as if you are holding the whole East Sea

Paintings by famous Vietnamese artists are displayed on contemporary European interior and space architecture. That is proof of the “dual dance” for the culture of Vietnam – Spain, fully containing distinctive Asian natures. The eternal values of Vietnamese identities are honored thanks to the use of famous pure Vietnamese materials such as Do paper (Giay Do), lacquer, oil paint, etc. From the elegant colors, the work is more prominent on the background of large-size glass and wood, perfectly fitting between the generous straight windows of the high walls.

The art connection and consulting services provided by the curators and art consultants accompanying The Coral Artistry is a gift that the Gran Meliá Nha Trang Project gives to owners so that they can enjoy the quintessence of art in the world in daily life, in each private space, living in a delicate, full and emotional spiritual life.

EuroStyle is proud to be the Interior Design, Construction and Finishing Company of the Most Expensive Super Villa – The Coral Artistry 

EuroStyle is honored to be the Interior Design, Construction and Finishing Company of the most expensive super villa – The Coral Artistry at Gran Melia Nha Trang. As a unique version of the royal residence in the world, The Coral Artistry owns an extremely luxurious space with a unique interior design, providing a great experience to the elite.

Coming to EuroStyle’s Showroom, customers will be consulted and advised the way to decorate a modern and comfortable home but still trendy, sophisticated and suitable for the interior style of their family. If you have any questions, please contact us via Hotline: +841800282806 or leave contact information here for the earliest support of EuroStyle.

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