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Regula kitchen cabinet

Boldness of changing can be the shell of the genius pearl: the intuition that provides pioneers with the right sense of direction, enforced by a strong traditional and by the capacity to be still amazed when something new, that was held as impossible, is born. As humans grow up, the distance between their footsteps becomes wider. The same happens to Regula, born in 1998, which has developed to the current new aluminium frame that allows to set the supporting legs to the edges of the kitchen, without any intermediate step.


Siemens iQ300 dishwasher

VarioSpeed Plus for up to 3 times faster dishwashing and drying; basket systems for convenient loading and maximum flexibility.

varioSpeed Plus: for an up to 66% shorter wash cycle. Sparkling clean dishes – and dry as well.

infoLight: Projects a light onto the floor for visible status of operation, to let you know it’s running even when the dishwasher is closed.

At the press of a button, the autoProgramme controls the entire dishwashing process for brilliant results.

varioFlex baskets & varioDrawer: Great comfort on all levels for high flexibility while loading your dishes.

iQdrive: The wear-free iQdrive motor is very efficient, quiet and long-lasting.



This kitchen, all in white, conveys a sense of timeless elegance, homely warmth and perfect craftsmanship. The focus is on the finely structured wood which is used in a number of different ways.The kitchen is a ‚masterpiece‘: durable, solid, authentic. When you open the calm, handle-less fronts, a high-grade edge made of finely structured oak becomes visible – an expression of solid craftsmanship which lends the range considerable emotionality.



Steel surfaces are fascinating: in architecture and urban planning they have a puristic, authentic air. When refined for use indoors, the original quality – best summed up as „rough industrial“.

A spatial atmosphere is created with the harmonious interplay of material and colour, light and transparency. The glass display cabinets are compelling with their delicately tinted glass and the slim-line, anodised metal frame with intelligently concealed hinges.


TILO 2.0

Columns door

Tilo 2.0 made of black aluminum frame and matt glass in nero traffico opaco finish.


Bilaminate wood rovere nechinger finish.

Base units door

Tilo 2.0 made of black aluminum frame and matt glass in nero traffico opaco finish.

Snack plane

Bilaminate wood rovere nechinger finish.


Compact fenix in nero ingo finish.Ạ