Kitchen Style

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Columns and base units door: Caviar matt lacquered titan white finish.

Wall cabinets door: Matt lacquered titan white finish.

Special column: Matt lacquered titan white finish with transparent glass. Structure in bilaminate wood noce naturale and shelves with led lighting.

Worktop: Natural stone brown emperador with beveled edge.

Handle: Flat in brass finish.

Open space cabinet: Wood veneer rovere grigio londra finish.



This kitchen embodies the fusion of kitchen and living to form a holistically planned living space. The handle-less island block and the seating area in dark wood flow into one another. The mitred pullouts and panels elegantly merge with one another. The architectural element featuring open and closed shelf and unit sections is a skilful way of dividing the room: it creates visible axes of vision into both areas without taking away any of the intimacy and thus makes for communicative connections within the room.



Combo Organisation System

Combo can be arranged to suit a user‘s particular purpose as the basic configuration only necessitates a division into compartments of the same depth . In terms of material and colour, the system looks timelessly elegant. The basic profiles are equipped with top-class functional elements in natural oak or anthracite powder-coated steel.



Mantis is an incorporated architecture project representing the evolution of technology and space concepts, as space itself is an extension of time and using capability. We create continuity between day and night, changing the meaning of the walls: from a division component to a completely passage element. The union of polar concepts is the key to read the tall frontals we have created thanks to the 12 millimetre thick aluminium doors.



The special material combination centred on the new surface METEA is responsible for the high-grade industrial look of this LEICHT kitchen. The soft matt shimmer of the gently brushed, metallic-looking surface underscores the straightforward, modern effect of this kitchen architecture.

Technically modern, industrial loft character, casual arrangement – but nevertheless warm and homely: this LEICHT kitchen reflects a spontaneous, urban lifestyle. Both the freely positioned two-door tall unit and the kitchen island that looks like it is floating stand on metal bases which lend the modules their visual lightness.


Miele Oven (2011Miele)

The Miele Oven has the ability to provide moisture, making it easier to manage the amount of water supplied to the oven. The longest program uses only 100ml of water. Steam will radiate from the top of the furnace and cover the entire surface of the food.

The surface is finished with exclusive materials to make cleaning easy. Automatic cleaning mode as a separate function. The parts inside the oven are enameled directly, providing durability when used and easy to clean. Along with the self-pyrolysis mechanism helps the residues, residues, dirt … are burned to ash, the processing temperature is up to 440 degrees C. Therefore, you will not need to use any additional cleaning solution. It is easy to clean and remove scum quickly.



The concept of furnishing by setting each element free, central and 360o explorable . The same shape can change its reflection, its finishing, its heart: each ONO has its own purpose and fulfills it perfectly. ONO is the unexpected in a multitasking reality: it means focusing on a single action. ONO is an act of elegant devotion to the satisfaction of needs and pleasures.



The room as a whole, kitchen and living area are one. The two surfaces, combined in use here in a modern way, look warm and natural: they are fascinating with their slightly metallic shimmer and the high-grade replication of finely structured eucalyptus wood.

An innovative kitchen architecture for inspiring cooking events: homely, young, dynamic. The highboards are connected over a corner with a parapet and coordinate perfectly with the island. The atmospherically illuminated rail is both an eyecatcher and a functional element. It can hold the kitchen utensils and is also equipped with a tablet holder.