Senses 3D

  • Name product: Senses 3D
  • Origin: Portugal
  • Code:  3032GLASenses_3D
  • Description:

Senses 3D adds both simplicity and good taste.
With a strong ecological aspect, it not only contributes to the interior design but also to the heating. The realism of 3D technology is combined with a variety of finishes and colours, allowing you to find the best solution that fits well to the type and style of your decor.
When the subject is modernity, choose simple lines and shapes.

  • Technical information:

Materials// leather covered door
Dimensions// 900 w x 700 h x 170 d mm
Capacity// 1,1 litres (decalcified tap water)
Weight// 40 kg
Heating Element// 2 kW
Autonomy// 8:00 hours
Voltage// 220/240 V/50 Hz
*Remote control included



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