Patio sofa

  • Product name: Patio sofa
  • Designer: GamFratesi
  • Brand: Minotti
  • Origin: Italy
  • Description:

The design of the sofa base structure enables the back elements to be arranged in various set positions all along the perimeter, to design conversation, relaxation, and vis-à-vis areas, spacing out the seats with coffee tables, and complementing them with ottomans and benches.

A solution capable of meeting the requirements of both small metropolitan terraces, and extensive outdoor spaces, thanks to the two depths: 83 and 98 cm. The variety of potential compositions becomes even more interesting when the selected materials are masterfully combined: the extruded aluminium base with matt finish in the shades of Ecru and Dark Brown is accompanied by steel backrests, covered in woven polypropylene cord in the same shades, according to a Scandinavian-type geometric design.


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