Why should you choose Spanish Tiles for your own house?

Spanish tiles are one of the most popular brick products in the market. At EuroStyle Showroom, our Spanish tile products are chosen by a large number of consumers for their families. These products are suitable for many spaces with diverse patterns.

Spanish tile is a product line imported directly from many renowned brands in the world, typically Porcelanosa with superior tiles quality, large brick size, and diverse product designs. Imported Spanish tiles are distributed directly in the Vietnamese market, which is an ideal solution for your living space, making the space more modern and luxurious.

Spanish tiles, when are imported into Vietnam, have a relatively high price, so they are often used in high-end and luxury projects. Spanish tiles have a high hardness and certainly, so homeowners will not have to worry about the design and color of the product. With maximum simple motifs, the product still retains its sophistication and elegance. Spanish ceramic tiles have a durability of up to decades. Therefore, Spanish tiles have a relatively high price compared to domestic brick products. In terms of aesthetics, this is a product that is worth the money to use for a long time without worrying about unexpected problems.

With its outstanding advantages, Spanish tiles have quickly won the trust of customers. With meticulous design, Spanish ceramic tiles bring luxury and sophistication to your family’s beloved space.

In Vietnam, Porcelanosa is distributed by EuroStyle. We invite customers to visit and experience the premium tile products from Spain at EuroStyle Design Center showroom at 77 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

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Trend Forecasting: 2019 Colors of the Year

Let’s check out the interior industry color trend predictions.


“White dominated the interior world during a few years. In this year, there is a change in color trend with orange. This color is really refreshing and invigorating.”


I always appreciate the color trends, especially the blue tones are always the color of the year. I like to use Pantone’s dark navy blue because of the darkness, depth and a little melancholy. In addition, this color is also a neutral shade, which can combine with many other tones in different ways. ”


“If it was us, we would choose White Alyssum. A bright white color can create a sense of relaxation for everyone to use! ”


“My choice for the 2019 trend color is brown which is multi-layered, comfortable and very luxurious. ”


I believe that blood red will be the color trend next year. We have changed from neutral colors and gradually to rich, saturated colors. ”

Color of the year 2018 – the world dyed “purple infinity”

Announcing the color of 2018 – the world dyed “purple infinity”

Pantone announces the color of 2018 – PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet. It will become a major trend in fashion design, furniture … in the global.

Each year in the early or mid-December, the Pantone.com website announces a new color for the next year. And this time, the main color of the year 2018 is purple – vivid purple, called “PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet”.

Becoming the color of the year, which means purple color will be the dominant color in fashion trends, interior design in 2018. It reflects “what the world needs,” quoted Laurie. Said Pressman, vice president of Pantone Institute.

Unique design of Brabbu

Ultra Violet means ultraviolet ray, which is not visible to the naked eye. Thus, this name suggests that this is an extremely mesmerizing and mysterious color, symbolizing the antagonism and infinite artistic creation. And as Alice Walker once said in a novel, purple is the color of the god of beauty.

Purple, in all colors in the spectrum, expresses this situation best, as Pantone explains. “[Ultra Violet] is a very provocative color, but it’s also a thoughtful color – it looks like an oxymoron. “This is a color that is historically associated with uniqueness, creativity and prosperity. These are the elements we need to create a meaningful future. Creativity and imagination are what we seek in our personal and business worlds. People are looking for ‘magic tablets’. It is attractive, seductive and magical. ”

World history has many concepts associated with purple. For centuries, purple was the royal color, because the material used to make the dye purple was extremely expensive.

In politics, purple represents uncertainty, symbolizes “bipartisan” people (in the United States there is a Republican with a red symbol, and the Democrats are blue).

In addition, it can be a dangerous color – at least in Southern California. In a report, California Forest and Fire Department director Pimlott made a prediction about “purple”. Not Pantone’s purple color, but a serious forest fire in Los Angeles.

In short, purple is the color of the extreme universe, which symbolizes power and wealth. However, it also exhibits political turmoil, and is a dangerous color. The contrast between the layers of meaning makes this color more mesmerizing and enigmatic, allowing artists to express infinite creativity in this colorpeter and paul fortressцель т цена